what is jiggers/giggers?? The vet said my chook has it.

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heya, so my chook recently laid a soft egg and then stopped laying. The past two days she has done nothing but drink water and stand in the same place for hours at a time with her eyes slowly closing every so often. she has stopped eating which is so unlike this little savage. shes also so so quiete and is not making any noise even when picked up she doesnt squirm.

so worrid we brought her to the vet who examined her aand checked for blockage or eggs in her tummy. he took her temperature and concludedthat she had an infection called jiggers/giggers. so he just gave an antibiotic to put in her water for five days.

i have searched the internet in hope of finding more info on this but i cannot find anything i could be spelling it wrong.has anyone any experience of this and if so did your chicken pull through it and would you know where i could get info on this?

unfortunately timenwas against us in the vets and we couldnt asi in depth qustions about this.

any input would be so appreciated as this is our first experience of a sick hen and honestly findng it upsetting to see poor flossy so down and out.

shes 7months.

THanks a million
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