My RIR has a swollen stomach

edited May 2012 in Feeding & Health Care
Hi all, Can anybody please give me advise on what I should do next? One of my RIR has a swollen stomach, the area around her vent is dirty - her droppings are sticking to the feathers around this area. I am able to clean the vent as she is very tame & lets me handle her. She is not as quick as the rest of my hens but is still free ranging, eating & drinking. I have treated her with Baytril (injections) and have wormed her but the swelling is not going down. The vet said that if she is still eating & drinking she is not in any pain. However,I would like to hear if anyone else has experienced this with their hen and if there is any cure? She no longer lays - is she eggbound? Any advise would be greatly appreciated - I would hate to think she is in pain. Many thanks in advance, Lou
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