please help

just found this forum by accident this eve. i had what i thought was a very secure coop and run. just started keeping chickens about 4 months ago. everything was going well had 6 beautiful hens, who were all named and 4 lovely bantams and 1 cock. was getting 7 lovely eggs aday.
went up to them yesterday morning and i will never forget the site that greated us. 8 of my hens, where all dead. 2 where missing 1 of the hens and 1 bantam. there were 2 bite marks on there necks. one of the hens was half way through the fence the rest that were there were just dead everywhere one in the coop and some under. what ever it was went up and got the last remaining bantam last nite. the cock and my 1 remaing hen are locked in the coop now until i can get up tommorrow and try and sort things out.
im wondering what the hell this was that attacked? and how can i protect them further. we are all so upset her as i said we had them named and they were so friendly kids and grand kids loved them. i know it was my fault that they wernt secured problem so what can i do know to protect my 2 i have left


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    So sorry to hear this, you must be devastated. Have you found out who was the culprit yet?
    I'm very new to this but could it have been foxes? Did you dig the wire into and under the ground?
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    Sorry to hear. I would also say a fox, could have been a mink but I'd say more than likely a fox since it took the hens with it.
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