Irish fowl site closing.

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Many folk from irish fowl on here?
Its a shame the site is closing :(


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    It's a real shame to see it go. I wonder will the group gravitate towards a particular site or end up divided across a few forums?
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    hi All,
    currently in the process of moving this site to a dedicated forum though it's taking a while so some posts might get lost in limbo, sorry for the inconvenience. The new site will just be a forum and should be a lot nicer and easier to use. Which fowl site is closing?

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    Hi All ,
    Will also miss Irish Fowl big time. :cry:
    Checked in most evening to see what was happening and the goings on among a few.
    It was good fun reading and watching the way some posts went astray and off topic, and of course the keyboard warriors/armchair devils.
    It was also very informative, and the search bar was an excellent addition when searching or researching info.
    Time will tell which forum people choose.
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    I really hope everyone moves over to here like I suggested on the Irish Fowl forum, I really think it would be the logical thing to do. Plus this has always been one of my favourite poultry forums and I'm sure you would do a great job of running it Connor.
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