new here, but some of you may know me already

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hi, im new to this site but im on a couple others under the same username,
as far as chickens are concerned ive a real mixed bunch as i am trying to create a breed of my own to suit my own requirements, good looking as well touch wood! lol

ive a few mixbreed farmyard ducks as well for eggs and as table birds
pride of place in my small collection is my ronquire white turkey stag "einstein" he is a stunning small rare breed single breasted white 2010 stag who im hoping to breed a few table birds out of this season all going well, hopefully he'll do the job! hes looking well anyway. i also have a slightly younger ordinary bronze turkey hen as a mate for einstein until i can get a purebred unrelated ronquire hen for him ;)

ive also got terriers and ferrets and a collie who keeps the fox away


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    Hi and welcome on to the forum Gem
    We have hens and ducks here and often thought of getting a pair of turkeys for breeding. Ive hear that you cant keep hens and turkeys together so we decided against it. Ive seen you on another site and you always give great advice so its great that your on here now.
    good luck
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    welcome Gem
    Ive a turkey wit my chucks too, she was a gift from a friend and i didnt like to keep her on her own so shes wit the chucks for company.
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    Hi Gem, nice to see you here too! It's a small world, the irish poultry keepers!
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    Hi Gem, welcome on to the forum..............
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    Hi ,William from Navan here,I am a backyard man with afew hens and seven bantams ,Daisybell the bootbantam is sitting on eggs at the moment,i love reading other peoples posts on what they have and do.looking forward to my stay.
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