advise please (again)

hi all,
i would really love to get a cuckoo maran but not sure if i have enough room in my ark
the guy who made it said it would fit 4 chickens its 6x4, i have 1 blackrock,1 bluebell and 2 bantams in it and they seem happy and have enough space but if i get 1 more chicken would it be a bit tight. im hoping to let them roam around the garden by day once we have it done and fenced off properly (major work going on at the moment ) but dont want to go 2 far and have them 2 crowded what do ye think??? would really really like a cuckoo maran :roll: also started feeding my chickens barley and now they wont eat the pellets at all only the barley is this ok????


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    hello,, if you'll be letting them roam out of the pen every day then it'd be ok to get a marron just make sure its a female. boys can be nasty..they're quiet large birds... if you want your hens to lay then give them layers pellets. its got everything the hen needs and if it wont eat it....... hunger is a great cure
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    6 x 4, is that just the house part or the whole ark including run??
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