Identification and advice

I have just gotten 4 of these hens (see attached pic). Can anybody tell me what type they are?
Also, I built a chicken run for them and they seem to like it. Is there a favoured type of ground or soil I should have. At the moment the run is built over top soil and fallen pine needles.

Actually, I haven't a clue here, any advice on the upkeep, care, feeding, health etc. etc. etc. would be greatly recieved.

Cheers guys,



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    Fhey are a hybrid hen great layers usually a cros between RIR(rhode island red) and Light Sussex. I have 5 these they ground is fine at moment but when bad weather comes it might get sloppy.I use bark for flower beds spread on ground. Feeding is really how many eggs you want.Layers pellets will help you get an egg a day. but if want you can feed them on rolled barley or oats. Also you should have oyster shell grit to help with the egg shell. Worming should be done also few different ways but i try go organic and give garlic and pasta once a week. Garlic is good against worms also cider vinegar but get this from your farmers co op as super market stuff isn't as strong. Mix this in with water i put 15ml into 2litres of water but make sure this is a plastic container as will ruin metal. Hope this helps I not an expert but these tips are a few of what i got here.
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    Thanks for the reply. The ground is overhung by a huge conifer tree, hence the pine needles, so it should be ok from rain.
    For the worming I started using "Flubenvet" yesterday. But I am interested in the organic route. How do you do the Pasta and Garlic?
    I have tha ACV here ready to start using, but at the moment I am using "Coxoid" that I got from a vet to fight coccidiosis as I seem to have bought a sick hen. Treatment is through the water supply for approx 7 days. So the ACV will wait till thats done to start.

    Regards, Al.
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    just cook pasta and add crushed garlic. I also do this for my table birds but more often so they will fatten nicely. As for sick birds they all seem to get that chesty i didn't treat i just seperated and kept sick one in side till better but thats my way if get really bad thats when i treat
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