Any one any advice where to pick up some broilers for table birds or advice on wat birds to use for crossing for table birds. Tried a hybrid cock with a sussex hen no meat so now have rir x sussex chicks to try.


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    Don't know where to pick up hybrid broilers.
    Ixworth is supposed to be a fast-maturing well-fleshed bird if you're looking for purebreds.
    For crosses, Indian game crosses with sussex, australorp, or dorking are meant to be quite good. Most hybrid broilers have indian game (cornish) in their makeup, its where the larger breast meat comes from. Not sure if it matters if the IG is the cock or the hen in this cross though.
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    would u travel to monaghan for broiler chicks?
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    you wont believe i was there the day you put this post but ye i might wat type you have and how they keep are they out or are they being kept in doors
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    u can day old broilers in annayalla chicks. its about 3 mile outside castleblaney co.monaghan.i think they are €1 each for up to 12 chicks. they more u buy, the cheaper the are. there phone no is 042 9751691. i have used there chicks before and had no prombles with them.its best to go to them early in the morning before all the chicks are sent out to the farms or sent of to the uk.
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