How to keep Dog from chickens

Hey guys wondering if anyone can help.

Have a St Bernard lovely Dog ^months old and she the baby of the family now. She killed a browler on me and two ten week old RIR and today got at my two sussex they have a few skin tears but are alive and seem happy I prob wont be getting eggs for a while off them now.

What I looking for help in is anyone any ideas from keeping dog from birds. I have them in runs all the time but let each run out on different days . Its when there out she goes for them but it only when i not looking at her as she usually at the patio doors. But has to stop and don't want have build her a run to put in when birds are out but that might have to be the way.


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    Sorry to hear you're having these troubles, I can't think of another solution but to keep them separate at all times, or keep the dog in a run or tie-line. Good luck.
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    Ye I am keeping them seperate but would just love them be able roam together and where i got her the parents roam free with the chickens ah I will just have keep them apart. Thanks for the reply. What do you have on floor of pen. I trying wood chip at moment have half one pen fully covered and another pen fully covered to try keep pens bit dryer to make it less messy
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    Most of my pens are mobile and on grass. There are 3 permanent open grassy runs for my large fowl.
    I have one permanent mesh-covered run for my growers, it is covered with milled/chopped straw at the moment but it's becoming quite a thick layer now. I intend to replace it with a few bags of rubber chippings soon, they are lightweight and easy to clean and disinfect for re-use. I'm sure the birds will recoil in horror at their first sight of it but I expect it to work really well.
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