Sheds vs hen house?

I've recently moved into a new house with a very large back yard (part of an old farm yard) and lots of sheds - some with rafters, a couple with doors, others without, dirt floor in the sheds and cobbled/cement/dirt floor in the yard. I'm really wanting to start keeping chickens and think this is a fine place for them - lots of space and freedom, but walled on all sides so pretty safe from predators - but I was wondering if they could live in the sheds? I realise I'd need to build/buy nest boxes, but would I need a hen house/chicken run when I have the sheds?

Sorry if this seems a really stupid question to experienced poultry people!


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    they will do perfect.. just maybe put some place for them to roost up, nest boxes are easy sorted, you have half the battle sorted ;)
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    Thanks Marty :D Do you think I should put anything down on the floor either in the shed or out in the yard?
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    you could put down some wood shavings on shed floor, handy to clear out. you can buy them in a bale at your local farm supplies store or if you know of a saw mill nearby you can get them there.
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