Watery eyes what can i do?

About 2 or 3 chickens between 12weeks and 20 have watery eyes (both eyes) and look a bit uncomfortable is there anything i can do.

Also a RIR has a 1 watery eye and has had this for sometime then she unfortunately got chased by my dogs and that eye has also swollen and she still eats and drinks normal but always has what looks like a layer of water on her eyes which is warm to touch.

and this morning 2 of my chicks who looked a bit quiet and to themselves last night were dead when i was letting them out.

i have swaped 2 hens and a cockerl lately but they came form a genuine person and the cock has very scaby and scaly feet and look very abnormal

i have about 50 hens and chicks also i have 10 ducks will they be of harm?


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    you've prob sorted it out by now..vaselene for the scaly legs..green powder in the water from the vets for the eyes, chest and nose.. and keep the bedding dry and damp free for the young and old..also Apple cider vinegar for all over heath tonic..
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