Laying behaviour

We've got a selection of chickens (maran, sussex, wellsummer and rhode island,) living in a coop I constructed during the summer. The marrans and the sussex are layers as the other four are just 14 weeks old. Recently the one of the two marans has started to lay from the perch at night. These eggs have a soft shell and they just plop down into the pooh below the perch. Are they lacking something in their diet? They've always had the same food and the problem has begun just recently, say the past 3 weeks and she doesn't lay everyday. I'm worried now that she'll get into a bad habit and the others will follow. The chickens are free to roam about our half acre everyday and they are fed in the morning on some scraps from the dinner the night before (usually cooked rice or pasta and some veg) and a half and half of layers pellets and a poultry mix.
I'd be grateful for some insight.
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