New hens settling in

Hi guys!

First post here so go easy on me :)

I bought my first 3 hybrid hens last night and am wondering about settling them in. I have them in an old outhouse which I have cleaned up and disinfected. I have some perching posts, a ladder up to their nesting boxes and a few other bits and pieces for them to play around with.

I checked them a couple of times this morning and they appear pretty nervous. 2 of them are perched up at the back of the nesting boxes and the other one seems to be standing guard on them. Just before I left them the one who was standing guard flew across the shed at me and flapped her wings, is she thinking that I'm going to harm her?

How long should it be before they settle in? Is there anything I can do to help them?

How long will it be before I can expect eggs? The breeder I got them from said that they were already laying.

Also, last question....I plan on keeping them inside until they are settled, their nesting boxes are this Ok? Will they instinctively know where to nest? Should I try put them in their nests tonight?

Thanks :)
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