Having 2 Cockerels


I am new to owning hens and a cockerel, i only have them 6 weeks.

I have 1 cockerel and 6 hens, the young cockerel has just started to crow this week and he has well and truly taken control of his girls and crows his little heart out for me now, its wonderful to hear him sing.

Thing is, my Husband is planning on getting his own hens and cockerel to cross breed for Broilers, (mine are for eggs only and the cockerel is company for the girls).

Should we house the cockerels separately or are they ok to be together? Will both cockerels crow or only the dominant one, I dont want my cockerel to stop crowing now he has started.



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    i have two roosters and they dont fight.
    the thing is you need plenty of space for them to get away from each other.
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