Hi all, new to the site and want to tap into your collective knowledge, I have a breeding trio of Dutch Golden Bantams. I have them in a fairly roomy enclosure with a decent size house which has 2 nest boxes. They each lay about 3-4 eggs a week. One of the hens went broody last year when we had them free range and hatched 4 chicks but they weren't pure bred because my other roosters got to her, hence why I have them enclosed this year. The only thing is is that neither of the birds are showing any signs of getting broody and I was wondering if anyone out there had any tips for me. Thanks!


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    Hey, I am looking to buy some birds for my little farm, any advice of where should I look for them? Do I visit farms and ask farmers about selling their birds, or is it better to check auction sites? Currently I have my eye here on "roosters" category, but unfortunately people are not posting pics of their birds...
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    Hi GC,
    As far as I know, you can't do much to make a hen go broody, except be patient! :roll:
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    hi all
    you can put golf balls in the nest and wait.
    you could buy a broody box that forces the hen to sit and keep the eggs warm.
    I have one and it works well.
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    Lol, just found out my chickens made themselves home in my john deere 9870 when it was out of order! Gotta move them somewhere else, as I need my machines now ;d
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